Today we are announcing the launch of Reach.Live - a platform that enables creators, solo entrepreneurs and brands to host free & paid live events.

With Reach.Live creators can organise different events and bring their communities together. An all in one platform which includes a custom domain, a web page, scheduling software, different payment methods & a hosted video player - people don’t have to worry about doing a mix and match of multiple tools. All kinds of creators and entrepreneurs from yoga & fitness instructors, chefs, designers, writers, video producers, musicians can host engaging live events and monetize while being in touch with their followers & fans.

Why is now the right time for something like Reach.Live?

Over the last months as the world has been grappling with the pandemic, people have moved their businesses online in an unprecedented manner. Whether it's their retail operations, conferences or any activity that required physical proximity has been moved online. With the expansion of this online economy - we felt there was a gap in the market for creating a holistic platform that enables creators to effectively monetize their craft while engaging their communities in a delightful way. Live Video is one of the best ways to communicate online and we are taking it to the next level by making the entire experience much more interesting for creators.

Why not YouTube or other channels?

I know many will be tempted to ask, “Why not just YouTube?”. While YouTube might seem like the king of video content, it is a brutally cut-throat world that makes life difficult for individual content creators to stand out and make a living off it. They are constantly at the mercy of being discovered by a brand or advertisers to be able to make some revenue. Creating the right kind of videos is one skill, it is an entirely different being able to monetize them. YouTube lacks a monetization model that puts creators first and rather favors the advertisers. This is a problem that concerns millions of content creators globally which restricts them from pursuing their craft as their full-time job. As Jonathan Lai and Andrew Chen pointed in their article “The Rise of Lifestyle Streamers”.

“The move to lifestyle streaming also offers a promising solution to one of the toughest challenges facing creators these days: making money. Historically, the top 1.2 percent of streamers on Twitch, for example, earned the majority of the revenue on the platform. Superstars like Ninja reportedly pulled in more than $500,000 a month. By comparison, most of the platform’s 150,000 “Affiliate” creators, those with smaller followings, earn less than $250 a month. The remaining segment of Twitch’s 2 million creators made little to no money at all.”

We believe creators should be able to pursue their craft and engage with their audience on their terms. All without worrying about where the next paycheck might come from. We are designing tools to empower them so they can focus on what they love and we take care of the details.

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